The Parish

Like many churches today, those attending can come from a wide geographical area, not necessarily from within a defined boundary. The South has a sizeable part of the town of Fraserburgh as its designated parish, mainly to the south of Strichen Road, but it also stretches out towards Rathen and abutts with its sister church Inverallochy, whose own parish extends over to Charleston in St Combs.

Worship in the South has always been blessed with accomplished organists who have led the praise, ably assisted by a small choir who sing anthems as part of the service throughout the winter months. CH 4 is the chosen hymnbook but this can be interspersed with more modern songs as the occasion necessitates. Any potential singers are welcome to join the choir at rehearsals on a Thursday night (7.30pm).

The Sunday School in keeping with many throughout the wider church has found difficulty in keeping numbers up in face of the various sporting activites that prolifigate on Sunday mornings. A group of dedicated teachers have ensured that there is still a basis for young folk to attend on Sunday morning and naturally would welcome any other children whose parents would like to enrol them for classes. Meets at same time as morning worship.





In common with other churches, the South saw the demise of the Guild in the nineties. However from that core of those committed ladies came the 'Thursday Club' which has gone on to fill the niche once occupied by the Guild. The 'Thursday Club' meets on a fortnightly basis and provides fellowship for around fifty ladies, not all conected to the South. This ecumenical mix gives a good foundation for their meetings which cover a broad spectrum of social concerns and diverse interests. Meetings commence at 2.00 pm - come along and enjoy an afternoon among friendly folk!


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