Past Ministers

Over the years we have been blessed with a diverse range of ministers. From our archives we have listed below the ministers and dates:-

1844-1862 Rev. William Donald

1865-1888 Rev. William Paterson

1890-1906 Rev. Joseph Forrest

1906-1913 Rev. W.D. Black

1913-1920 Rev. W.G. Taylor

1920-1924 Rev. William Hamilton

1925-1930 Rev. W.W. Johnston

1930-1933 Rev. Alexander Couttie (later Dr.)

1934-1938 Rev. Rev. Alexander Aitken

1938-1942 Rev. Ian Henderson (later Professor)

1943-1948 Rev. Norman H.G. Robertson (later Professor)

1949-1957 Rev. Robert F. Howat

1958-1964 Rev. Andrew M. Duncan

1964-1971 Rev. William G. Allan

1971-1982 Rev. T. Alan W. Garrity

1982-        Rev. R. F. Yule


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