All are most welcome to join with us for worship on a Sunday; at the South at 10.15a.m.; or at 11.30a.m at Inverallochy.

We enjoy singing praise to God and are not too keen on those who just come and stand like statues during worship - all are there to give voice to the God we believe in.

Modern versions of the Bible are used for the daily readings although old versions have their place in particular worship services.

Addresses are normally around 10-12 minutes in duration and, if not topical, then thought provoking and critical of outdated beliefs and doctrine of the Church in general.

Fundamentalism is seen as the endemic heresy that has weakened the Church and its message to the world, and requires an antedote of sufficient strength to combat the untold misery and life draining effects on the wider population of the world that has been virtually denied God's unconditional love by promoters of atonement theology.


The church, if it is faithful to the vision of the Kingdom as taught and proclaimed by Jesus of Nazareth, can still be a major force for good and for God in our communities and in our World.

Let us be... A church of the warm heart, of the open mind, of the adventurous spirit,.....a church that questions, that looks forward , that reaches out...a church whose members are not afraid to think for themselves and realise that scripture today should be viewed as interpretive rather than historical, and to hold to simplistic literal interpretation is damaging the Kirk beyond repair. To continue with such heresy will spell the death of relevant Christianity for the Western world.

Let us be the church for tomorrow.....let us use the intellect and reasoning capabilities that humanity has been blessed with to the full; and confound the narrow life-limiting fundamentalist faction that constantly seeks to impose its childlike interpretation of faith on a world that is populated by intelligent adults that see through the mistaken beliefs of 'original sin' and the idea 'Jesus died for our sins'. That is not a pathway to life. we don't need a theology of human denigration, rather a we need a theology of human fulfillment.

The Rev R F Yule

Congregation No. 342017

Charity No. SCO 05714

Did you know?
Records show that Fraserburgh South Church Dates back to 1872.
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